Having trouble keeping track of your company’s cash flow numbers? 🙃 Drowning in boring Excel sheets full of detailed numbers, but failing to see the bigger picture? 📖😕 Afraid of that upcoming tax / social insurance bill you’re going to have to pay? 💸😰 Well rest easy! 😎 With this DIY Accounting Starter Kit 🗄📒 you can automatically visualise your company’s cash flow 📈 and estimate your future fees. 😏

cash flow graphs

How do you use it? It’s easy. You enter your income and expenses in a standard accounting format spreadsheet and the taxes, social insurance and cash flow diagrams are generated for you automatically.



  • 📊 automatic generation of monthly income & expense graphs
  • 🤖 built-in income tax (Einkommensteuer) and social insurance (SVA)
  • 📟 handy formulas for VAT and personal salary calculation
  • 🗺 bilingual terms in German and English
  • 😺 no complicated software to learn – Google Sheets FTW!


  • 🇦🇹 the rules inside are based on the Austrian tax system (though they should be similar in other EU countries)
  • 💼 for now the numbers are for sole proprietorships only (Gewerbeschein / Einzelunternehmen)
  • 🤞 take everything inside with a grain of salt, as I’m not an accountant (I consult a tax advisor for the real tax application)
  • 📖 if you want to learn more about the Austrian tax system yourself, here is a good online resource in English.

The price?

It’s completely free! 🎉 When I was starting my sole proprietorship in Austria in 2015, I wanted to have a tool like this to help me figure out how to do my accounting, what the tax and social insurance costs are going to be etc. The complicated documentation mostly in German offered by the WKO didn’t really help me much. Well, now that I’ve learned how these things work, I decided to share a starter kit to help people who are in the same situation.

In return, I hope you can help me extend the template to more company types and maybe even more countries – crowdsourcing for the EU startup ecosystem win. 🙂 Instructions for submitting improvements are inside the spreadsheet.

Author: Dražen Lučanin

Software developer, data analyst, founder of Punk Rock Dev and definitely not an accountant. Dražen's been navigating the sea of Austrian corporate paperwork since 2015 and believes that some common-sense templates like this should be accessible to everyone in the community.

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